How on earth do you manage to get the animals to stay still? It can occasionally be a challenge, but usually even the most excitable pet will calm down after a bit of attention and some treats. Between that and being fast with the camera, it works! Don't think your pet is too naughty to be photographed - the whole idea is to work with the animal rather than make it do what we want.

What if my pet is too scared or just won't settle? If your pet is too excited, we will see what we can do to calm them down. For dogs, this can be a walk, for cats it can mean a bit of catnip and a play session. If they are scared, most of the time a cuddle session will take care of it. However, if they are showing signs of real distress and won't calm down, then we need to look at rescheduling to a better day for them. This will not cost you any extra. I must point out though, that I've never actually had this happen, even with the feral animals.

How long does a session last? It depends on which package you choose, how many animals need posing, and how calm your pets are in front of the camera. A general rule of thumb is about 15 minutes to half an hour per pet and per set change with an additional 15 minutes on either side for setting up and dismantling the equipment. For a Tailwag package, this generally means about 45 minutes to an hour total.

I'd like to get a portrait done, but I'm worried about germs. Is my pet likely to catch something from your equipment? All backdrops are washed between every session, toys are washed and disinfected, as are all other props used. The disinfectant I use is the same one used by my vet to disinfect between patients and will even kill parvo virus.

What areas do you cover? We cover the Tyne & Wear, South Northumberland and North Durham area. If you live outside this area, we can negotiate an additional charge for mileage, calculated at 35 pence per mile outside of the service area.

When do I pay for the sitting and what payments do you accept? Payment is due at the time of the sitting if you are paying by cash or cheque. Payment is due the day before the sitting if paying via Paypal.

I want to get a portrait as a surprise for someone. Is that possible? Absolutely! If you want to simply pay for the portrait session, then you can purchase a gift certificate. If you would like to have the sitting and present the portrait and other items as the present, please make sure you arrange plenty of time in advance, as it can take a couple of weeks to process the items and there can be a waiting list for the sessions. Please make sure to tell us this is for a present so we don't blow the gaff!

How do I view my photos? When your photos have been edited, I will contact you to say they are up on the web site. You can then view them by clicking on the Photo Gallery link on the left side of the page. Your photos will be in their own folder with your pet's name on it. Just click on that and you will see your photos. When you have chosen which ones you want, just e-mail or phone me with your selection.

How long do I have to wait for my photos and other items? It depends on the package, but usually the Tailwag takes between 2 to 4 days and the Cat's Whiskers about 7 to 10. In all cases, we will be as quick as humanly possible. If you need your items faster, please discuss this with us at the time you book your appointment, as we will do our very best to expedite your order.

To arrange a portrait session, please contact Kat on 0191 549 0496, 07956 639 371 or email us at

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