No event is complete without a pet photography booth. Add that element of excitment and prestige by having Pawprints Photography at your next event. There's no charge to you and your patrons will love it!

Agility shows, breed shows, fun shows, parties, publicity events, and more - we do them all. If you are giving away prizes as part of your event, we will even give you a gift certificate for a free A4 print which you can give as one of the prizes. If you are a charity, we will be happy to donate 20% of our earnings to your cause, assuming there was no charge for the stall.

So You're Attending a Show We're at:

We have a setup that lets us edit and print your photos while you wait, so you will walk away with your chosen prints and custom objects. First of all, we get your pet up on the table, settle him/her down, then snap away while they're being cute. Treats and cuddles are dished out as needed.Once we have the right photos, we take you over to the editing table to choose which ones you would like to see developed. At this point, we ask that you give us ten minutes to process the photos. When you come back, if you like the photos, we will print out the one/s you have picked. Only when you are 100% satisfied with your prints and want to take them away is it time to pay. We only want happy customers!

Not sure if your dog will sit for a photo or have any other worries? It costs nothing to sit for the camera and you're under NO obligation to buy from us.

We offer A4 sized prints for £15.00 for the first print and £10.00 for each print after that.We also offer a range of customisable items - key rings, fridge magnets, etc.

We accept cash and cheques. Unfortunately, because we are such a small business, we are unable to accept credit cards. However, we do accept PayPal if you would like to pay in advance of the show. To make it even better, anyone paying in advance of the show will receive a 1/3rd discount off prints! That means your first print will be £10.00 and your additional prints will be just £6.50 each. To take advantage of this offer, simply send a PayPal payment for the total you would like to (marked as gift please) with your name and contact phone in the message. If, for any reason, your intended purchase doesn't happen, your money will be instantly refunded.

Price List

A4 Print - £15.00 (£10.00 pre-paid)

Additional A4 Prints - £10.00 (£6.50 pre-paid)

CD with image/s on it - £1.00

Key Ring - £4.00

Light up Key Ring - £6.00

Pen Pot - £8.00

Mouse Mat - £8.00


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Dog House Agility Show

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